L'Oreal is the bees knees

While I was recently (well this past June) in Paris working with Jane Fonda for a L'Oreal Age-RePerfect TVC and print ad, I learned some really exciting and inspiring things about the company that was hiring me to be there. Not only do they REFRAIN from animal testing, (which was somehow surprising to discover) they also enjoy a majority of female managers at 56%, strive for ethical treatment of workers in other countries as well as invest in the preservation of bees. How STUNNING is that? It's easy to think of large corporations as 'the people's' nemesis, because lets face it, they, in the majority of cases ARE, rather then 'the gentle giant' that in this instance, could quite possibly be the case for this particular cosmetic behemoth. I was also blown away to learn that of ALL the skin care line's under the L'Oreal umbrella-Jane's (Age RePerfect) was the no.1 selling line worldwide, despite the nonexistence of a US contract (the reason why this is probably news to most of you) Penelope Cruz's line came in 2nd....I mean what a testament to the beauty, grace and timelessness of the iconic Jane Fonda, and to how 'we' respond to her in the role of 'role model of beauty'. I'm not only excited by what that says about Jane's ability to have such an impact, but for the public for being so open to beauty at any age. Vive la L'Oreal!


the JANE and I

This is an almost unrecognizable shot of me touching up Jane, yes Fonda's makeup in a palatial Paris apartment for a L'Oreal Age Re-Perfect commercial a week or so ago, that I just found on a twitter entry that Jane had posted. So alas, I felt it was okay to share...