L'Oreal is the bees knees

While I was recently (well this past June) in Paris working with Jane Fonda for a L'Oreal Age-RePerfect TVC and print ad, I learned some really exciting and inspiring things about the company that was hiring me to be there. Not only do they REFRAIN from animal testing, (which was somehow surprising to discover) they also enjoy a majority of female managers at 56%, strive for ethical treatment of workers in other countries as well as invest in the preservation of bees. How STUNNING is that? It's easy to think of large corporations as 'the people's' nemesis, because lets face it, they, in the majority of cases ARE, rather then 'the gentle giant' that in this instance, could quite possibly be the case for this particular cosmetic behemoth. I was also blown away to learn that of ALL the skin care line's under the L'Oreal umbrella-Jane's (Age RePerfect) was the no.1 selling line worldwide, despite the nonexistence of a US contract (the reason why this is probably news to most of you) Penelope Cruz's line came in 2nd....I mean what a testament to the beauty, grace and timelessness of the iconic Jane Fonda, and to how 'we' respond to her in the role of 'role model of beauty'. I'm not only excited by what that says about Jane's ability to have such an impact, but for the public for being so open to beauty at any age. Vive la L'Oreal!


the JANE and I

This is an almost unrecognizable shot of me touching up Jane, yes Fonda's makeup in a palatial Paris apartment for a L'Oreal Age Re-Perfect commercial a week or so ago, that I just found on a twitter entry that Jane had posted. So alas, I felt it was okay to share...


Series-"3 Tips from the Top"-Kahshanna Evans

As someone I have known for a good number of years through the fashion industry, as model, actress and by appointment only-decon/reconstructionist designer, Kahshanna Evans has also had her hands full cultivating her skills in the vast realm of subtle energy systems and has nestled quite comfortably into her latest and quite possibly, greatest role as a healer in the Inca, Hopi, Mayan traditions. Yep, you guessed it-she's a shaman....and a gifted one at that. I, of course only know this from experience.
She leads healing sessions that work with the energy around our 'light body' to shift out old patterns, manifestation of negative belief-patterns or limiting decisions in the emotional and/or physical make up.

Kahshanna's Top 3 tips are:

Beauty products from Amazon Herbs
1.) Luvia cleanse/ Luvia moisturize ("Incredible can't say enough good things about this company. Super duper agreeable with sensitive and dry skin."

2.) "Eyelash primer by Lancome is also quite cherished."
3.) "My favorite trick is to get lots of rest and hydration...wheatgrass is the fountain of youth...several times a week if it's convenient and also E3Live-frozen form of bluegreen's wonderful for the skin and to feel great."

Kahshanna's favorite beauty saying are 'No two snowflakes are alike' and
'Beauty is a woman willing to laugh and cry at the same time'.

To make an appointment with Kahshanna for an 'illumination' session, you can email her at She is currently available in both NY and LA.
Kahshanna is also the lead (her first) in a new indie poli-comedy, "The Wrong Hands" that is slated for release some time in the 'not too distant' stay in the loop check in with for updates.


Series-"3 Tips from the Top"-Courtney Dunlop

As I begin my foray into this new series I call "3 Tips from the Top", a procession of pieces that profile Top tier experts in fashion,beauty, design and film who have agreed to share their Top Tips with us.  I am very excited to begin with 'Top Beauty Expert' Courtney Dunlop
freelance beauty editor/writer and former beauty editor of Jane magazine, whose work has appeared in Real Simple, InStyle, Allure, Elegant Bride, and Nylon, who also works as a consultant for companies such as Aveda and Pureology, as she has some seriously erudite knowledge of the best that the beauty industry has to offer. I am delighted to share her thoughtfully sound and simple tips, that are sure to call you back to 'good old common sense' and very likely, the Clarins counter.

Courtney's Top 3....and I quote:

  1. Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control SPF 30 Eye Cream.  "I completely attribute the fact that I have zero lines around my eyes to my longtime daily use."
 2. "I avoid split ends/breakage in my very fine hair by doing whatever possible to avoid hot tools and styling with bobby pins (they tear!)."
 3. "Do yoga to avoid wrinkles! I mean it! When you're stressed you furrow your brows which causes wrinkles."

Courtney's latest piece that features a modern take on a wide range of classic makeup and hair looks for your wedding, can be read in the Summer issue of InStyle Weddings that should be out on the newsstands in June.  

To visit Courtney's website please click the Title link "Series-3 Tips from the Top-Courtney Dunlop"


the frugal chef-recession recipes for radiant skin

as much as we all LOVE our luxury beauty products, we probably LIKE saving our shillings a wee bit more these days, so i thought it was a good time to whip out a short list of ingredients and share my recipes for radiant skin that will help you keep more money in your pocketbooks and a bigger smile on your face.

1. BAKING SODA exfoliator-my favorite skin polisher-add a dime sized amount to your favorite cleanser and buff away any dead skin cells while minimizing your pores-it really's my favorite trick before a big event! (you can also dip your toothbrush in for some extra whitening action too)

2. HONEY AND EGG WHITE mask-this will make a babies bottom seem rough-in a bowl, mix a teaspoon of honey and an egg white or two....whisk and apply to your face and neck with a clean  medium sized brush....layer if you like.  let dry then rinse....ahhhhh!  follow with your fav moisturizer or press in some olive oil.

3.  SUGAR AND HONEY body polisher-mix 1 part honey with 1 part sugar (enough for your whole body) and jump in the shower.  wet your skin then vigorously introduce and work the scrub on all your parts that need it.  rinse and glow.

4. OLIVE OIL moisture seal-after your body is squeaky clean, but before you towel off-work the olive oil into your wet skin.  this will help to seal in the moisture and keep your skin super supple.  towel off excess water and oil.  you can also use it for a hot oil treatment by combing it through your tresses and wrapping a plastic bag around your head for 20-30 minutes (add heat for more intense results) then shampoo and condition as needed.

5.  SEA SALT bath soak- pour half of a large container of sea salt into the running water as you fill up the tub.  soak for as long as you like.  not only does the sea salt help to heal the skin, but it also helps to pull out excess water and toxins and many mystics believe that it pulls out bad energy too:)



still the most masterful and haunting cover of a song that i have ever heard

i wanted to post a video for you all but for some reason it no longer seems to exist...
but CLICK the title link above to listen....ENJOY!!!
may i also add that it is 11:11 long.... :D


40's the new 30 indeed

So here I am, just one glorious day until I can say that I am officially 40 years old, not 'almost forty' or 'old chick' as that has been my mantra for the last year or so.  And just for the record, I only say 'old chick' in jest, because I find it ironic.  It's funny how the years keep rolling over you before you even have time to catch up to yourself, all the while racing toward the next.  I just don't understand it.  I mean on the one hand, I feel SO proud to be turning 40, and hope that I will represent myself and what it is to be female and aging in todays society with dignity and grace.  But on the other hand, even those words 'dignity and 'grace' seem like they're from another time and place that does NOT accurately represent what 40 feels, looks and acts like to me.  I am starting to suspect, dare I say it, that women these days are actually PROUD of getting older rather than ashamed and in denial.  Or maybe it's just me?  But I'm certain I've seen proof of it.  Is it that we take better care of ourselves?  Is it that we have superior beauty products and treatments?  Is it that we are better educated as a whole on nutrition, and alternative modalities?  Is it that we are moving at a pace faster as a people than we have ever moved before?  I think probably yes, in many circumstances.  I have to say though, that I count myself lucky to be growing older in a time when it has become so much more socially celebrated and embraced by the majority.  I'm not certain by any stretch that I will reach any definitive conclusions about what 40 is, but I am confidant that it ISN'T what it used to be.