Series-"3 Tips from the Top"-Kahshanna Evans

As someone I have known for a good number of years through the fashion industry, as model, actress and by appointment only-decon/reconstructionist designer, Kahshanna Evans has also had her hands full cultivating her skills in the vast realm of subtle energy systems and has nestled quite comfortably into her latest and quite possibly, greatest role as a healer in the Inca, Hopi, Mayan traditions. Yep, you guessed it-she's a shaman....and a gifted one at that. I, of course only know this from experience.
She leads healing sessions that work with the energy around our 'light body' to shift out old patterns, manifestation of negative belief-patterns or limiting decisions in the emotional and/or physical make up.

Kahshanna's Top 3 tips are:

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1.) Luvia cleanse/ Luvia moisturize ("Incredible can't say enough good things about this company. Super duper agreeable with sensitive and dry skin."

2.) "Eyelash primer by Lancome is also quite cherished."
3.) "My favorite trick is to get lots of rest and hydration...wheatgrass is the fountain of youth...several times a week if it's convenient and also E3Live-frozen form of bluegreen's wonderful for the skin and to feel great."

Kahshanna's favorite beauty saying are 'No two snowflakes are alike' and
'Beauty is a woman willing to laugh and cry at the same time'.

To make an appointment with Kahshanna for an 'illumination' session, you can email her at She is currently available in both NY and LA.
Kahshanna is also the lead (her first) in a new indie poli-comedy, "The Wrong Hands" that is slated for release some time in the 'not too distant' stay in the loop check in with for updates.

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