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Being the child of a half Chinese and Hawaiian father and an Italian, Scottish, Dutch mother....things could have gone either way with regard to my mother having picture perfect, long, thick eyelashes with an enviable natural curl and all, but that would have been too easy-instead, I of course inherited my fathers short, bone straight Asian ones.  You know-the ones that virtually disappear when uncurled and are without lacquer.  Well fast forward to the beginning of this decade, back when I held the title of Blackbook Magazine's beauty editor, and my very first beauty product that I presented to my editor-in-chief to be featured in our very first pages dedicated to beauty was Mavala's Eye-Lite Double Lash.   It promised to encourage hair growth and fullness...and while this did little else than condition my lashes, it put the idea in my head that this WAS possible.  After all, we'd been sending men to the moon for a good 30 some odd years by this time....I mean if you believe the Neil Armstrong story...but my point is-we SHOULD have the technology!  Fast forward to right now-we do indeed have the technology and it WORKS!!! While I wasn't privy to Jan Marini's original lash growth formula (by the time I had discovered it's miraculous claims-it had been taken off the market), but without regret because I was introduced to Revitalash!  All I can say is IT REALLY WORKS!! I now enjoy what I thought only possible with surgical adhesive and synthetic, perfectly curled, long hairs glued to my very own longer, fuller, thicker darker eyelashes!    But wait, there's more!!!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)  Upon further discovery I found another product that is supposed to deliver the same results without irritation called LiLash...I've personally NEVER had any irritation from Revitalash but understand that it is somewhat prevalent, so if you have been craving your very own longer thicker lashes, check out LiLash and for those of you over-tweezer's out there, there is LiBrow as well.  I imagine that it has to be a similar if not the same formula, so if you're on a budget....use just the one!  You can search "Lilash" to go to there site to learn more, but shop'll find this product that is 139.- for a lot less elsewhere.  
CLICK the title link "Lash Growth Therapy" to goto "the REAL makeup show w/ Shawnelle Prestidge to watch fun comprehensive makeup tutorials in there entirety. 

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