My new favorite least for now!

As I was recently blessed to go to Miami for a job (to work as a "local") for a wonderful client of mine who usually works out of NY.  More blessed was I to have my dear old friend, Edward Cruz host me in his palatial new 2 story, 2 bedroom apartment w/ 3 terraces BUT then to have him introduce me to his decidedly intuitive, holistic esthetician "Teresa Stepanov" who makes her own line of products.  After having a rigorous hour plus treatment which included a mini facial w/ reiki, microdermabrasion and ultrasound for a whopping $60- (YES-you read that correctly-SIXTY BUCKS) I asked for a good hydrating moisturizer because I am nearing the end of my beloved DIOR Capture Totale. (if you've watched my show on  episode 1-"Ready in a Rush" you know I LOVE my 'Capture Totale') Teresa suggested one of two products from her arsenal of about eight.  I decided on the only unabashed moisturizer in the bunch, the aptly named Natural Healing Inc. "Moisture Plus" w/ collagen and vitamin E, deciding against the alternative more firming less hydrating cream offered. Time will tell whether that was the BEST decision-but for right now, the skin on my face and neck is not only quenched and elevated but supple, soft and bursting at the pores with moisture-NOT greasy, slimy or coated like so many creams before have left it feeling.  I would say it is one of THE most perfect moisturizers that I have tried-and I've tried a lot-but for the price, I beg to challenge anyone to find something in this category of perfection that rivals it in cost....1000 penny's people. Ten dollars! Honestly, I feel like I may have won the moisturizer lottery!  Don't worry though, you can too...Teresa sells her product online-her company is "Natural Healing Inc."
Please let me know how it goes for you....
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  1. the plane ticket to florida is almost worth the deal for that facial!
    and i love love love the price tag on that moisturizer!
    keep the good news coming...!

  2. Hi honey..I just bought 3 things from the site including to moisturizers..Can't wait. Hopefully this will be my need fav!

    thanks for the info!

    xoxo Raquel

  3. Okay..sorry I can't spell today..I meant "two moisturizers" and my "new" fav..geez what a lack of sleep will do to a person!!

  4. Hello! I just discovered your sight and love it. I love the fact that you are a REAL make-up artist giving wonderful tips! As an aspiring make-up artist myself, I really can appreciate the great tips! So, I purchased the Moisture Plus moistruizer and received it today. I tore open the package at work, and put some on my hand. I love the scent and texture of it. It's almost cooling on this skin. I'll let you know what I think in a couple of weeks! Thanks!